What is Your Why

(and why that’s so important to your Health and Weight Loss Goals) Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You are all amped up to lose weight and start (yet another) diet/workout plan where you can’t skip even 1 day/multi-level pyramid scheme etc. It goes really well for like, four to five days. Then you […]

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The Case Against Salads

If you are a client of mine or know me personally, you already know that I dislike salads. If you’re new around here, hi – I despise salads. People are sometimes shocked to hear this (likely because I’m a Health Coach and all), but I promise you I have a pretty good case against these […]

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Hangover Solution? Ask This Health Coach.

I bet you’d never consider asking a Health Coach for a hangover solution. Lucky for you, I’m not your ordinary Health Coach. Sure, I like kale and all of that, but truly, I also LOVE a good night out with friends. I’ve tried the occasional mocktail, and some are nice (Kin Euphorics being my favorite), […]

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How to Eat for Optimal Wellness

Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to eat for optimal wellness? To be the thinnest, happiest, bestest version of yourself? To have cake offered to you at a party and without batting an eyelash, smile contentedly – and – with perfect fucking poise politely say, “no thanks, I’ll pass!”, all while you and those […]

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