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Real, lasting transformation

is possible.

That’s the power of a Health Coach. 

I offer a variety of a-la-carte options as add-ons to my Health Coaching services.  Check out my full offerings below.

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Individual Health Coaching Services

With my Health Coaching services, you get a plan that is uniquely yours.  After our initial meeting, I will develop a plan tailored to your specific health goals, time constraints, lifestyle, preferences - all of it!  We will meet at regular intervals to celebrate achievements, coach through issues, and recalibrate the plan as you progress on your journey.  Life is always evolving and your plan should too!

Breathwork Training Sessions (Individual or Group)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate but are intimidated by the thought of harem yoga pants and incessant chanting? It’s actually a lot easier than you think - you just need your breath and a little practice.  As a breathwork coach, I can help you find a style of breathing that works for you (flowy pants and chanting not required!).  You’ll be amazed at the results.

Individualized Exercise Plans

As a personal trainer, I love helping people find joy in movement.  Sometimes clients want a little more direction and guidance in this area, so I offer a personalized training program for those wanting a little more accountability and specificity in the area of fitness. 

Health Food Store Field Trip

If you are local to me in southwestern PA, I will take you on a tour of two stores: one local health food store and one big box store to show you how to find healthy and delicious eats.  I’ll also teach you how to be nutrition-label savvy.   Not local to me? I can drop some knowledge through a Zoom training session!

Pantry & Fridge Overhaul

Do you ever go to your pantry and/or fridge and become overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff?”  Or, do you feel guilty for throwing things away because you think you need to finish the whole box/bag? It’s a lot easier when someone else does it for you! Let me come clean out your pantry and fridge and school you on how to fill it with healthier alternatives.  

Cooking Lessons

After an initial consultation where we discuss taste preferences, I do the shopping and come to your house to demonstrate two easy, healthy, delicious meals.  You can try out a type of vegetable or grain you’ve never had before or simply allow me to adapt a favorite meal(s) of your choosing.  I’ll bring the (organic) wine!  Or, if you prefer, we can cook together over Zoom!

“On-Call” Health Plan Option

Some clients want more personalized attention throughout their health journey and I am here for that! The ability to text, call, or email whenever you need me can take your health journey to the next level!

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Book your free consultation to get started!

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